The importance of reliable product quality control of everyday products

Why Is the Quality of a Product Very Important?

This could be a short term competitive benefit. The Manufacturing-based Approach User-based definitions of quality incorporate subjective elements, for they are rooted in consumer preferences — the determinants of demand.

Time to time Comparison: It's essential to demonstrate at all times that the operation complied with established procedures, or if it didn't at some specific time, how the company handled and controlled that deviation.

The product may have been manufactured in compliance with blueprint revision A, and now revision M is in use. A food may be considered to be unsafe because it contains harmful microorganisms e.

Quality is defined in a manner that simplifies engineering and production control. Its roughness needs to lie in a well-defined interval: This individual does not divulge information to the caller but only records information. They must not easily breakdown or become non-functional.

Selecting an Appropriate Technique Some of the criteria that are important in selecting a technique are listed below: For example, accuracy and use of an official method may be the most important criteria in a government laboratory which checks the validity of compositional or nutritional claims on food products, whereas speed and the ability to make nondestructive measurements may be more important for routine quality control in a factory where a large number of samples have to be analyzed rapidly.

The same competitive world that demands shorter lead times also awards continuously higher financial product-liability settlements. Engineering drawings and product specifications. The company is now at a loss to furnish counsel for the plaintiff an actual blueprint of the product manufactured five years ago.

12 Importance or Benefits of Quality Control | Production Management

Find and know, what consumer wants. The testing should prove that the products or components comply with the standards set. Product-liability actions won't go away. Various international bodies have given official approval to methods that have been comprehensively studied by independent analysts and shown to be acceptable to the various organizations involved, e.

For example, the recent defect found in Takata airbags resulted in the biggest automotive recall in history.

Operators monitor the manufacturing process and ensure that there is little variation. Characterization of final product. The recall includes almost 69 million airbag inflators and may cost billions of dollars.

Quality Control In Manufacturing

If any sales or customer-service personnel received a call informing them that a party was injured by one of your products, would they know how to handle the call. For instance, if a product that the company has produced tens of thousands of is involved in a liability action and counsel for the plaintiff alleges that it is defective by design, the documents will support the defense by showing that no other complaints were ever made about the product.

Correspondence pertaining to sale of specific product. Second, the organization needs to have a system by which changes to the product are approved by a select group, not just one person.

These standards state how full a container must be to avoid consumer deception, as well as specifying how the degree of fill is measured. In general, each function has a specific responsibility in approving a proposed change, and they should never be cut out of the loop.

The ideal criteria for an on-line technique is that it be capable of rapid and precise measurements, it is non-intrusive, it is nondestructive and that it can be automated. Size, shape, polarity, electrical charge, interactions with radiation.

In manufacturing, quality assurance approaches, like ISOhelp manage and improve many processes, including: The Need for Different Definitions. By analyzing the raw materials it is often possible to predict their subsequent behavior during processing so that the processing conditions can be altered to produce a final product with the desired properties.

If there is a problem with a product in the field, the company should investigate and react as quickly as possible. When you can quickly quote an accurate, competitive price on custom work, you are providing an important aspect of quality to your customer - and an assurance that you will remain in business as a profit-making venture able to meet their needs in years to come.

Quality Control in Manufacturing In manufacturing, quality control is a process that ensures customers receive products free from defects and meet their needs. When done the wrong way, it can put consumers at risk. Nov 01,  · Quality control in an industrial situation is the control of quality in process, not letting quality issues of the product escape, finding the root cause of the issue and finding ways to fix it.

quality assurance is more the measuring of product, example would be macros to ensure weld penetration, calibration of measuring tools, use of CMM or a vision system, testing of product like tensile testing, etc. Quality Control in the Food Industry, Volume 1 focuses on the general aspects of quality control in the food industry, emphasizing the controllable factors that affect the quality of the finished product, including the selection of raw materials, processing methods, packaging, storage, and distribution.

According to C.D. Lewis quality is “an asset which may be offered to the potential consumer of a product or service”. The following are other more explanatory definitions of quality: (1) Quality is the performance of the product as per the commitment made by the producer to the consumer.

Reliability is "quality changing over time" The everyday usage term "quality of a product" is loosely taken to mean its inherent degree of excellence. In industry, this is made more precise by defining quality to be "conformance to requirements at the start of use".

Aug 14,  · Quality control is a process that is used to ensure a certain level of quality in a product or service. It might include whatever actions a business deems necessary to provide for the control and verification of certain characteristics of a product or service.

The importance of reliable product quality control of everyday products
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